Procedure of Surgery

The Day Before

Bowel Preparation before Surgery

You will be given instructions for bowel preparation at your pre-operative appointment.  It is important that you follow these instructions completely.

The day before surgery, you may drink only clear liquids.  Clear liquids include water, coffee, tea, apple juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, bouillon, broth, clear popsicles, clear soda and gelatin.

After midnight the day before your surgery, you must take nothing by mouth except medicines that have been approved by the anesthesiologist and surgeon.  Your stomach must be empty at the start of the procedure to reduce the risk of aspiration.

If you are ill Before Surgery

Should you develop a cold, persistent cough, fever, skin breakdown or any changes in your condition during the days before your surgery, please notify the surgeon immediately, as you will need to be re-evaluated for surgical readiness.  You need to be in the best possible shape for anesthesia.  Scheduling can be adjusted to your condition, if necessary.

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The Day of Surgery

Personal Preparation

We recommend that you shower in the morning on the day of surgery, but do not use any moisturizers, creams, lotions or makeup.  Remove your jewelry and do not wear nail polish.

You may wear dentures, but you will need to remove them just prior to surgery.

What to bring to the Hospital

It is recommended to bring only the bare necessities to the hospital.  Do not bring any jewelry or more than $20 cash.  You may want to bring a picture of a family member, friend or pet to help you relax.

There are a few other things that may make your stay a little more comfortable:

  • This guide
  • A small overnight bag with toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and lotion
  • Your eyeglasses and a case, if possible
  • Protective storage cases(s) for corrective lenses, dentures, hearing aids, ect
  • Bathrobe
  • Address and phone book of loved ones
  • Lip balm
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to wear when you go home. Clothes that are easily removed and easy to slip on are the best

Hospital Pre-admitting Procedure

Before you can have your surgery, you will need to follow your hospital’s policy on pre-admission testing and registration.  Specific instructions will be given to you by your hospital or surgeon’s office.

After you are registered and checked-in, you will be asked to change your clothing and put on a hospital gown and slippers.  If you wear dentures, corrective lenses or hearing aids, you will be asked to remove them for safety reasons, so it’s best to bring your own container for storing each of these items.

You will be asked to sign an operative consent form, even though you may already have done so at your surgeon’s office.  Your signature indicates that the procedure has been explained to you, that you understand it and that you have no further questions.

Your blood pressure, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, height and weight will be measured.  An intravenous (IV) line will be placed in your forearm.  This allows fluids and/or medications into your blood stream.  You may also be given some medicine to help you relax.



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