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Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass California

Gastric Bypass is the most commonly performed weight loss surgery. The surgeon creates a small 1-oz. pouch and connects it to the small intestine, separating food and digestive juices by 3-5 feet. This procedure significantly restricts the volume of food that can be consumed. It produces mild malabsorbtion and may result in “dumping syndrome” when sugars or fats are eaten. Patients are    usually hospitalized for 2-3 days and return to work after 2-3 weeks. Gastric Bypass requires a lifetime supplement regimen including a multivitamin, vitamin B12 and calcium (plus iron for menstruating women).

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat can have adverse health effects and lead to disease conditions, and reduce life expectancy. Severe obesity, sometimes known as “morbid obesity”, is defined according to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company height and weight tables as being 100 pounds or 100 per cent above ideal body weight.

During and after weight loss, our team works with you to ensure your health and comfort, including body contouring to remove excess skin.

If you have had a weight-loss procedure performed elsewhere, we also specialize in revisions of prior weight-loss surgery. Patients sometimes may need a second surgery because of poor weight loss, regained weight or complications from the original surgery.

Weight loss surgery California
Weight loss surgery California

Weight Loss Surgery California

Obesity and extra weight can be a serious health hazard for people. Being overweight can actually shorten a person’s lifespan by 20 years, and it is a commonly held belief that obesity is the second leading preventable cause of death. Weight loss surgery is often the only cure for California patients who have tried everything else. Diets and exercise are great starting blocks for weight loss, but often a surgical procedure is necessary to give a person the extra boost they need to drop the pounds. California has become the world’s leading location for weight loss surgery California. Weight loss surgeries in California are performed by top doctors and medical teams. California weight loss surgeries use the latest procedures and techniques for operating on patients, giving them a new lease on life and a healthier body.

Slim Life Solutions  has specialized in gastric bypass operations for over 15 years. We are proud to offer a weight loss surgery facility and program focused on long-term success and safety. We are a Center of Excellence designated Surgical Weight Loss Program. Our surgeons have performed more than 5,000 surgeries.


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